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Here, Pt. Vasudev Shastri brings you the best signs of the zodiac under the annual horoscope, where he will represent the predictions of the future, following astrological aspects. Here below we mentioned in detail about the signs of the zodiac horoscope 2014.

CAPRICORN - The Go-Getter

In the new year enters Capricorn with energy and vigor, that many of them would envy. Each with its charm, this year will compete with several obstacles, some stars have in store in the first place in the professional life. Count on it being able to strong family background and support to wait.

AQUARIUS - The Sweetheart

For the native of this sign will be positive in 2014 and a happy change. Please note that he found no problems this year, but they are mostly in the shade all the joyful events that occur in their lives. For Aquarians; Family and peace in a relationship is very important. And this year they actually afford the world.

PISCES - The Dreamer

People born under the sign of Pisces is expected this year, full of new experiences and knowledge. Turning mostly on themselves and thereby improve their family and working lives. They are found, although some of these problems, but the ones they decided quite easily and without serious consequences.

ARIES - The Daredevil

Aries was in 2013, a year packed event. Whether in joy, and those who are not very happy. This year, the 2014 year promises tranquility, though at least initially, they are still echoes of some things that can not be solved in the past year. When you work with them sometimes try a little rub his legendary stubbornness - you will see that even the seemingly intractable conflict finally resolved.

TAURUS - The Enduring One

2014 will be the year for Bull various problems, both in terms of work and in relationships. Learn more trust your instincts - you really rarely disappoints. If, however, only withstand the pressure around, and you basically rely on themselves and their own judgment, is 2014 a year of many successes. The Partnership may experience many a turbulent year.

GEMINI - The Chatterbox

The native of this sign are known for their natural desire for information, curiosity and enthusiasm for new things and znaniy.2014 for them in these respects is very satisfactory year. They get a lot of new experiences, know a lot of interesting people and experience the exciting event. May and June are the Twins in 2013 really want to - you can expect a joyful event, which will strengthen their relationship with a spouse or partner, these singles will then have to look around you, you may find that it is in close proximity to humans, that their lives may be greater than it is now.

CANCER - The Protector

Cancers in 2014; particularly where their lives will revolve around the relationship, first of all ,. Changes in his personal life, though not revolutionary (at least, not unexpected), but it requires that all the diplomatic skills that RACI proud. As already mentioned, the area relationship is Cancers dominant region in the year. The relationship with a spouse or partner, though not only all year idyllic (beware especially in August and September, when the full effect is particularly your natural tendency to jealousy), but the events that affect it, it is still stronger.

LEO - The Boss

2013 was the year for most Leos very favorable. The good news is that even in 2014 would not be wrong for this sign (especially in the first half) is not material adverse change. And if you are experiencing any difficulty, your natural optimism and understanding will help you to solve it with you own grace. On relations in 2014 should be relatively calm for the lions.


2014 preparing for the natives of this sign, a number of ups and downs, where the majority of which overlook stronger. It will thrive in even more serious health problems, do not worry. In the relationship, however, will experience many surprises. Shooting living in conjunction with this revolutionary change does not need to worry.


Scorpions can probably remember 2014 as a year of personal growth and "Year of the Family." It is in this area, they will flourish in the most and get the most of opportunities to engage and show all their capabilities. Attention should rather be put on your health. As we have pointed out, for people born under the sign of Scorpio will be the 2014 period, which primarily had their loved ones.

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