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Garden Satie from Shani is one of the most famous and grandiose periods of time in a person's life. During this period, seven and a half years (hence the name "Garden Sati"), the person is supposed to withstand a variety of challenges and troubles that can be softer to harder. In order to help people suffering from this Shani Sade Sati doshas, this web page is written. Mentionable is the fact that our astrologer Pt. Vasudev Shastri is one of the magnificent and very reliable astrologers of India with worldwide fame and popularity. During his highly successful career, and the lifting of astrology spans over ten years, he has helped many people suffering from this notorious but clean transition period of Saturn in the birth horoscope. Almost all the harmful astrological doshas and issues related to different areas of life that have been processed cleverly solved or eliminated astrology solutions and services to our erudite and benign pandit ji India and on the basis of Chandigarh (India).

Garden Satie from Shani seven-and-a-half year transit A planet Saturn (Shani) of the 12 th house and the first house to the second house from the natal Moon in your birth chart. This transit through these three buildings affects the person concerned both externally and internally. External things are negatively impacted money and finance, career, business, relationships and worldly prosperity. While internal things caused during this period may be a lack of mental world health problems, stress and depression, sickness and disease, etc.

Remedies Shani Sade Sati serve as a means to calm and please Lord Shani (Shani Dev), which is in Hinduism and Vedic astrology is considered the God of karmic retribution and justice. The Shani Sade Sati funds from astrologer Vasudev Shastri provided by the following items and activities:

  • Procedural / Useful stones -- Blue sapphire or amethyst. Horse Shoe ring can also be used. Shani Yantra particularly useful. Wearing black clothes on Saturdays healing.
  • Singing and recital of mantras: -- Shani Mantra Hanuman Chalisa, Mrityunjaya Mantra and Mantra Navagraha
  • Donation: -- Offering products and things for the poor and needy people. Such foods, and things could be black gram (whole úřad Dal), mustard oil, black sesame, gingely oil, iron articles, black clothes, a blanket, a black cow, buffalo, money, etc., especially on Saturdays during Sad Satie.

During this period of 71/2 years, or 2700 days, the person concerned is not advised to do the following activities --- part in any adventure sports, being involved in disputes at home or in the office, negligence while driving, traveling alone, especially at night witnessed any formal or legal agreements, the use of alcohol, especially on Saturdays and Tuesdays, buy black clothes and leather goods on Saturdays and Tuesdays, causing trouble to the weak and innocent people or animals participating in or committing morally or legally improper operation.

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