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In Indian Vedic astrology, which is the age-old and well-tested science of global fame, Mangal Dosha is considered as a serious astrological imperfection. Also known as Dosha or Kuja Bhom Dosha is BBQ dosha cause adverse position of the planet Mars in the natal chart a person, and expressed negative or harmful influences of Mars. It is believed that people who are ill to the partners in previous lives, tend to suffer from this BBQ doshas. Male or female under the negative influences of Mars [ie having Mangal Dosha] is said to be Mangalik. One of the inherent characteristics Mangalik individuals being quite aggressive, impatient, quick-tempered, overbearing in nature.

This BBQ dosha is one of the most important parameters considered at the moment of birth horoscope matching for marriage purpose. A man said to be mangalik, if Mars is situated in one of the houses of his / her natal chart --- the first, second, fourth, seventh, eighth, twelfth, or. The severity BBQ doshas as follows, in descending order, depending on the location of Mars: the seventh house (maximum), the first house (smaller), the eighth house, the fourth house, the twelfth house, the second house (the lowest). This BBQ dosha is considered responsible for causing the following problems:

  • Permanent Disability or Death of the Spouse
  • Separation or Divorce
  • Professional Troubles
  • Financial Losses
  • Regular Conflicts and Fights between Couple
  • Difficulties and Turmoil in Marital Life
  • Delay in Getting Married

As a veteran and a leading Indian astrologer decorated with the global reputation of the astrologer Pt. Vasudev Shastri certainly offers tools for BBQ doshas, to pave the way for the timely and harmonious marriages and long married life of people worldwide. Some of his astrological tools to facilitate or destruction of the infamous doshas granted after full and careful observation in the birth chart of the interested client.

  • Offerings to please and placate Mars
  • Donation of Sweets and Red Things on Tuesdays
  • Encouraging Marriage after 28 years of Age
  • Advising Marriage between Two Mangaliks
  • Fasting on Tuesday to Placate Mars, eating only Toor Daal (Split Pidgeon Daal)
  • Kumbh Vivah
  • Reciting Mantras
  • Wearing of a Gold Ring with a Bright Red Coral