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Whether it is love marriage, arranged marriage, or inter-caste marriage, our erudite veteran and world famous astrologer Pt. Vasudev Shastri is one of the most popular service providers in India and around the world. Not only the problems of marriage, almost all of these problems and violations that could ever occur in the various spheres of life, are cleverly and economically solvable or eradicable his astrology services in countries around the world. The following section presents his ace and praised the global astrology services to solve the problems and irregularities in love marriage or an arranged marriage, individually.-

To satisfy the curiosity of Indian and global visitors to respect him and his service, some very informative, enlightening and helpful, regardless of whether currently required in this section. In addition to being one of the most popular and globally renowned astrologers in India, our dignity and friendly Pandit Ji also well versed in global popular in vashikaran, psychic reading, removing damaging black magic, reiki, voodoo, Vastu, hypnosis and other mysterious science and therapies. Gorgeous crown with these one of the leading personalities of the world in these areas have been lavishly decorated with many glamorous was enviable and recognitions and awards, such as.

His excellent and easily accessible services to address, soothing and eliminating problems and irregularities in love marriages or marriages based on extensive, intensive and careful observation of the birth horoscopes of the two interested parties in the marriage. In the following wide variety of problems, obstacles and challenges, spoiling soluble or dissolved in his astrology services for love or marriage in India and other countries around the world:

  • Newly discovered past delinquencies or some bad habits of any partner
  • Decreasing allure and love between the existing partners in love
  • Wide difference in the social or financial status of the two partners
  • Fears regarding the possibility of close and lasting compatibility between the two partners
  • Full confidence in both the partners in love for marriage
  • Social problems and disturbances
  • Disapproval of one or more members of the family of any partner
  • Discouraging differences in birth horoscopes for marriage

All these problems and spoil skillfully soluble factors, corrected or annulled our marriage specialist soft astrologer to help young people and the marriage and family related. Its solutions, services and offers are based on observations of houses 7, 5, and 11 generic horoscopes of both partners concerned; positions and strengths of the planets Jupiter, Mars and Venus; The consequences of malicious planets in marriage; and other important aspects.