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By "Kaal Sarpa Yoga", also known as "Kaal Sarpa Dosha" is one of the most pernicious Yogi, which can be formed in the horoscopes of people. Have any of KAAL Sarpa yogas are listed below, in the birth horoscope of any person creates some problems, obstacles and failures in life native, depending on the type and nature of the Yogi / Dosh. The natives with KAAL Sarpa yogas need to do more to less profit or success. However, bad or devastating effects of any such KAAL Sarpa yoga is mitigated by the presence of favorable yogas in the horoscope native. If there is a lot of useful yoga, or favorable positions of the planets in a horoscope, such Kaal Sarpa Dosh can be minimized. This page contains very useful information about KAAL Sarpa Dosha means of enhancing our world-famous astrologer in India.

Kaal Sarpa yogurt said to be present in a person's horoscope, if all seven planets located or sandwiched between Rahu and Ketu. Rahu is considered as a snake, and Ketu are considered to be its tail. Thus, all the planets are surrounded by these harmful elements in the case of Kaal Sarpa Yoga. In Indian Vedic astrology, Rahu and Ketu are considered very powerful malevolent planets, so the bad influence they should not be taken seriously. The most prominent types KAAL Sarpa Yoga are:

  • anant Kala Sarpa Yoga
  • vaasuki kaala sarpa yoga
  • shankhpal kaala sarpa yoga
  • padma kaala sarpa yoga
  • maha padma kaala sarpa yoga
  • kulik Kala Sarpa Yoga
  • yakshaka kaala sarp yoga
  • karkotaka kaala sarpa yoga
  • shankachood kaala sarpa yoga
  • ghaatak kaala sarpa yoga
  • vishadhar kaala sarpa yoga
  • sheshanaag kaala sarpa yoga

Surely fire kaalsarp Yogi and operational funds, our dignity and friendly astrologer very famous throughout India as well as in countries around the world. After careful observation and careful analysis and intelligent planetary positions in the horoscope of the birth of his client, he proposes the ring (the snake forms), precious stones, etc.; advises to do certain activities on a regular basis, and repeats the mantra specific to eliminate the negative impact of interest and spoil Kaal Sarpa yogurt. Quick, sovereign and economical solutions to these problems or hardships caused by different types of KAAL Sarpa dosha skillfully expanded our righteous and benevolent astrologer global reputation and popularity:

  • excessive Anxieties and Tensions
  • bereft of Progeny
  • unhappy Married Life
  • Troubles from Kith and Kin
  • legal Litigation
  • health Problems
  • fluctuating Financial Situations
  • problems or Losses in Profession or Business
  • domestic Unrest
  • low Self-Confidence
  • unstable Mental Peace
  • worsening Relationship with Family Members and Friends
  • treachery from Near and Dear Ones
  • joblessness
  • probability of Accidents, or other Mishaps
  • obstacles to Going Abroad
  • and, Disturbances to various Important or Auspicious Works in Life
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