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Precious stones associated with the planets and the stars and all the heavenly bodies in the context of land associated with faith and relationships. Starry sky and its influence on the course of things temporal monitoring belong to the interests of mankind for centuries. Their cultures, all continents "heavenly phenomena" and the universal ideas of how the world works photo tightly integrated. Practical reasons celestial stars and divine laws and their efforts in favor of their power to lead them to victory. Precious stones, are not the only adornment. Health issues and problems of daily life for a person to overcome different kinds Assist. For most people it is just a stone dead matter, not just some. But many of them have the capacity to emit very high energy rock believed. The doctors, but a lot of doctors - especially overseas - as a complementary therapy for many problems in patients using gems.

Even with full accuracy of astrological gemstones shows you that Pt. Vasudev Shastri, an expert with astrology bring you. After serving the world for the past several years, Pt. Vasudev Shastri to be used in different situations stone detail about how knowing.

  • jan asked for Garnet
  • february stated to amethyst
  • march stated to aquamarine, heliotrope
  • april stated to diamond
  • may stated to emerald
  • june stated to pearl, moonstone, alexandrite
  • july stated to ruby
  • august stated to peridot
  • september stated to sapphire
  • october stated to opal, pink tourmaline
  • november stated to topaz, citrine
  • december stated to Turquoise, Zircon
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