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Today, the world is gripped by a vicious circle of black magic. This spell is to make use of evil forces to harm someone. Not only do harm, but to make a full life, as hell. Black magic is very tempting and seductive, as is the case with the darkest parts of the human soul. Black magic is called is converted into energy, which has the task of destruction or damage. Best for black magic, such items that are in the dark psyche and "evil" appearance. Black magic out of jealousy, selfish and internal rivalries that make one to follow black magic for his or her own motives. Black magic is the concept of the transmission of evil energies of someone else in order to make it hurt.

Black magic is evil craft, which is used to perform during the reading of tantra and mantra and deep meditation. It s kind of scared and spiritual meditation, to use the powers for misconduct. People after receiving the spiritual forces of deep meditation will use evil for their own motives. Destruction time of life, is called black magic. The practice of black magic associated with fantasies arising from all within man must suppress what he had denied that he was not permitted or was granted. For black magic, it could be any magical practice, which is aimed at the evil influence, and in the broadest sense, every magic motivated by personal gain.

  • Health weakness of sleep disorders; seeing ghosts or evil in your dreams and get sweating during sleep.
  • Persistent headache and seeing different shades.
  • Pain in the shoulders, back, legs, unable to work
  • The stiffness of the neck and it is difficult to survive and feel angry, hopeless, suicidal.
  • Getting your nails black with severe pain in the fingers.