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Vedic horoscope birth chart analysis or analysis by our world-renowned and experienced Vedic astrologers offered is one of the basic and major services. Astrology birth chart analysis solutions and proposals to extend and accurate predictions of astrology, Vedic astrology is considered of paramount importance. This webpage exclusively for India in the chart, our, most pundits world-renowned, and enhanced by modern astrologers, Vedic birth chart analysis, detailed and very useful information, and services to provide written is.

Astrological chart natal birth chart, or Janmakundali, or known as Vedic horoscope. Since ancient times, the astrological birth chart success in various spheres of life of local goods and possibly being used to predict events have been (whose birth chart is being analyzed). Thus, horoscope certainly important information about things of life to have a wonderful and unique way.

At the birth of a person's birth chart a specific astrological houses and zodiac signs of all the planets in the correct position, shows. This chart shows things from different sectors of local life forms the basis for the prediction.

Vedic birth chart of twelve houses and all other areas of life, especially with what is relevant. Listed below are associated with each of astrological houses and dominant areas in which shows:

  • House 1: Environment and communication
  • House 2: family, home, roots, and security
  • House 3: self-expression, creativity, joy, and romance
  • House 4: self-worth and Money
  • House 5: partnership and marriage
  • House 6: Changes and Sexuality
  • House 7: Self-Image
  • House 8: belief systems, education, and travel
  • House 9: Work and Health
  • House -10: career / profession, responsibility, reputation, and permanent
  • House -11: Undoing the development, privacy, and Secrets
  • House 12: wishes and personal goals, groups, and benefits

Specific planet (s) and any sign in the presence of a certain amount, related to the overall life of the home affect things. In addition, different groups of good and bad effects on a particular home, it affects issues associated with home. The movement of the planets, and some good or bad Yogas birth chart presence, things and events in various spheres of life affect. Thus, a person's birth chart comprehensive monitoring and expert analysis of his / her whole life, the life of the person in the most important sectors of the status of things right.

Pt. Vasudev Shastri flawless and completely reliable birth chart predicted, for more than a decade, his life, or happiness, and secure the border are helping people around the world. These predictions are mainly related to the fields of health, education, career / occupation, marriage, wealth, home, family, relationships with personal strengths and weaknesses, achievements in life, social and financial status, including.

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