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A strong, vibrant, and healthy Aura promotes physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health. It is instructive Web article offers a rich and very beneficial supply information about the aura, the aura of health, methods and techniques for strengthening the aura and the services of our world-famous astrologer of India to increase the aura of people of all ages, professions and sections of society.

Aura is a distinctive atmosphere electromagnetic radiation surrounding a person or object, and shows a lot of information about the nature of the person or entity concerned. Each person or other living creature or object has a certain aura; Thus, natural or spiritual aura signature. It consists of seven layers of electromagnetic energy, the aura surrounding the person in the oval-shaped, and extends up to 2-3 feet on all sides, including over his head and under his feet in the ground. Aura around living creatures [people, plants, etc.,] changes with time; while those around inanimate objects [stones, water, crystals, etc.] remain fixed. The main part of the human aura is made of electromagnetic radiation, which contains as the low-frequency microwave and infrared (IR) light rays, and high frequency of ultraviolet (UV) light rays. The low-frequency part is related to the internal functions of the body [such as the structure of DNA, blood circulation, metabolism, etc.], while the high-frequency part is related to our conscious activity such as thoughts, emotions, actions, and so on. d. high-frequency part of the aura is very significant, and it can be seen with the naked eye by a scientist aura reader.

The intensity and color of the aura [especially around and above the head] there are some special values. The righteous and religious persons, or spiritual leaders / teachers, tend to have a clearly defined yellow-golden and bright halo around his head. Generally speaking, most of the people on the ground are very weak, dark and dim aura. This seems to be a direct consequence of their lifelong materialist views, craving, avarices and various evils, which together inhibit their true nature and good.

The stronger and brighter your aura, the healthier you are in the whole of life, physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects. Our well learned a huge, widely experienced and globally reputation astrologer Pt. Vasudev Shastri also offers excellent and effective solutions and services to create the aura cleaner, brighter, and more from people around the world. This section deals exclusively with how to increase your aura, with expert and friendly support of our honorable and righteous Indian astrologer.

The following are some of the most efficacious things or measures for rectification and betterment of auras, when adopted or performed under mature guidance of our benign pandit ji:

  • Keep your thoughts pure and positive
  • Take a well-balanced and very nutritious diet
  • Four comfortable syrcsys two Sumy prupr funktyunng body and surrounding afraid lysblty
  • Take Broad Activities to be de-stressed and rejuvenated every day
  • I naturalize itself through spend some time outdoors in natural conditions
  • Wear clothes according to your Aura and the environment
  • Meditate to get rid of stress and clear your mind
  • Chant the mantra given by our Pandit Ji for relaxation and mental peace
  • Wear elimination / Beneficial stones offered by our world-famous astrologer
  • Perform regular some methods of Reiki
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