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Home astrology, probably dates back to the very beginning of humanity, when he realized the flow of time and the natural rhythms. Astrology is a body of knowledge about the interaction of the cyclic motions of celestial bodies, including planets and stars, which are reflected in the biosphere, but especially in the lives of people living here. Influence of the stars and planets can be considered as varieties of irritation of the various components of creatures, which then lead to different human activities, but also in the reactions of the world is like a mirror. This creates a picture of death. Using good self-analysis, we know that our being is enhanced, one or the other State, in accordance with the escalation of the influence of this planet or star. It is about the inner irritation which usually results, but also could lead to the final manifestation of the physical plane. This irritation and nature arises from the angular distance between the two elements.

Knowledge belongs to the spiritual possibilities in resolving one birth, in order to better understand, accept and improve their social relationships. Astrology can be one of the roads leading to self-knowledge and the wider development of the individual, one way to uncover the veil of "the past", for which you can see the big picture of everything with everything. So astrology can be used wherever it can act as a tool to inspire the interpretation of what is happening at present, or as a tool for a controlled and purposeful change.

Astrology has been developing for a long time. Thus, the future may be proposed, but it can not be accurately predicted because, before it happens, many people will take a new approach, and thus all to some extent the formation and strokes. Thus, it is more important to focus on the present moment.

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